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30 May

The Original HCG Diet Information

The original HCG diet was first brought to the public’s attention by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. While doing research on the effects of HCG in increasing fertility in women, he noticed that several of his subjects reported rapid weight loss while taking HCG injections. Dr. Simeons also did research on Froelich’s Syndrome in adolescent boys. This disease slows the sexual development of teenage boys and causes large amounts of weight-gain. When supplementing HCG to the boys afflicted with Froelich’s, Dr. Simeons noticed that they, too, reported rapid amounts of weight loss.

After putting two and two together, Dr. Simeons’ research began to go down another road. That road was the effect of HCG injections if used for weight loss. The research yielded positive results and culminated with the publishing of the book: Pounds and Inches. For years, Dr. Simeons’ book has been the go-to source for HCG diet information. It summarizes the details of his research, and lays out a very specific diet that, if followed, will result in rapid weight loss from typically difficult to target portions of the body.

HCG is naturally produced in pregnant women. It stimulates the hypothalamus to release stores of fat into the bloodstream to ensure that the mother and developing fetus have the calories and nutrients needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The key here is that even if a woman is not pregnant (or is, in fact, not a woman at all) supplements HCG injections, the same effect occurs and rapid weight loss ensues.

Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet protocol calls for daily injections of the HCG hormone along with a very low calorie diet. The diet consists of 500 calories a day selected from a very specific list of approved foods. The list is not very long, but it is important that people who begin the HCG diet stick to it religiously. Certain foods will interfere with the efficacy of the HCG injections and reduce the potential weight loss effects. The HCG diet meal plan contains lean proteins, vegetables and some fruit along with tea, coffee or water to drink. No sugar or starches are to be had while following the HCG diet.While the meal plan is pretty restrictive, you can drink as much of the liquids as you want.

Dr. Simeons’ research began in the 1950s, and since then people have lost staggering amounts of weight very quickly while following his diet. You can typically expect to lose anywhere from .5lbs to 2lbs a day, depending on how much fat you have at the beginning of the diet. HCG diet injections are often accompanied by vitamin B injections and/or other vitamin and mineral supplements to help negate the nutritional effect of the reduced calorie diet.

Pounds & Inches was the first HCG diet book written, but it is nowhere near the last. If you’d like moreĀ  diet information, there are several HCG diet books out there that can help you. Aside from the books, there are HCG diet forums and HCG diet blogs all over the internet. Being able to see other people’s results and learn from their experience can go a long way to helping you successfully complete the HCG diet protocol on your own. There are also HCG diet reviews available online that can give you tips and pointers as to where to go for the best HCG diet information.

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