Coquitlam car maintenance questions you should be asking your auto mechanic

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Maintenance Tips for your car for Coquitlam Winter Roads

You may have owned a car for over 10 years but winter will always send jitters down your spine. You never get it right with winter (and you are not alone here). It is time you change your tact. Get the most help from your auto mechanic. If anything, no one knows better about getting your Coquitlam car maintenance and repairs ready for winter than your local auto technician. Here are top questions you should be asking your auto technician during the cold weather:

Is my vehicle “healthy” for the cold weather?

Going into winter, your vehicle should be in tiptop “health”. Ask your mechanic if your car is ready for the cold weather and do whatever is necessary to get it ready. General maintenance and checks are important and should be done a couple of times during the years. However, it is more important to have your maintenance schedule done on the onset of winter.

Are my tires ready for winter?

To you, your tires look ready to take the cold weather by surprise. You should be asking your auto technician about the condition of your tires before temperatures start to drop rapidly. He/she would look into your treads and tire pressure before giving you a verdict.

What should I carry in my trunk during winter?

You cannot take your chances with winter. You never know when you car will decide to take no more. It is crucial that you have a survival kit in your trunk. Your mechanic would give you a list of these necessities and get ready for winter. Just to give you a heads up, you will need a powerful flashlight, bottled water, a reflective top, road salt and light snacks among others.

Are my air filters good to go for winter?

Air filters are like your engine lungs; they help it breath as it burns fuel. Dirty air filters will clog your engine making it labor with every turn. Your vehicle performance will be at its lowest. Your mechanic can tell you how your air filters are doing. And not just that, he/she can get it ready for the cold weather.

My wiper fluid, is it good for the cold temperatures?

It would be dramatic for your wiper fluid to be splashed on your windshield and freeze. It would mean one thing: you did not do your winter homework. Get your mechanic to check your wiper fluid and ascertain that it is ready to take the cold weather.

Is my coolant ready for the freezing cold?

 It is a suicidal mistake to go out in winter with your coolant not ready for the frigid temperatures. This can do massive damage to your engine. If you do not know what is right or wrong with coolant, your mechanic would be the person you turn to.

Do not bear the burden of caring for your car during winter on your own. Your local auto mechanic has all the resources to make this winter and every other as normal as possible. Now that you know the questions you should be asking your auto technician; your winter driving is about to get better.


Becoming A Supercar Salesman

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Interested In Becoming A Supercar Salesman?

Only a small minority are able to enjoy luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. Owning a supercar is, therefore, the perfect way for the super wealthy to showcase their wealth. After all, supercars are known as the ultimate ‘boy’s toys’. Even though supercar buyers are not in abundance, the market is still very lucrative with millions, even billions to be made for the most elite salesmen in the business. Supercar hire is another closely related market but requires many similar traits in order to be successful when it comes to selling these ultra-high end products.

Many of the most successful supercar salesmen will offer their service internationally to open the door to millions of potential clients overseas. However, this comes at a price. What this means is that the business must run 24 hours a day to cater for clients calling from various different time zones. International salesmen will also have to be willing to make last minute trips to visit clients in countries such as Hong Kong, Dubai or anywhere else across the globe. This means there is really no off switch in this line of work. For these reasons, only the most committed dealers will be successful in this industry.

But the reward for working in this way is great. The larger businesses can turnover in the hundreds of millions, which means money will never be a problem in a successful supercar dealer’s life. Also, the ones willing to commit to this line of work are usually extremely passionate about supercars. So being surrounded by them all day, every day isn’t so bad. These kinds of perks make it a no brainer for some people.


Working in this business doesn’t only require the skills to sell, but also the skills to negotiate and buy at competitive prices. Most supercar salesmen are selling used cars which means buying at the right price is very important in order to make profitable sales. Importing cars from countries where supercars are being sold cheaply and selling to countries where supercars are in high demand is a key strategy many dealers use to maximize profits. Economic conditions also have a big impact on prices.

The stereotypical car salesman is often described as a ‘wheeler dealer’ with an aggressive, ‘in your face’ approach to selling. However, with supercar salesmen, this is usually a very different story. Although there is a shade of aggressiveness required to close a deal, supercar dealers tend to have a more subtle approach to sales. High-end clients expect the highest quality of service. Supercar dealers, therefore, prefer to refrain from being too pushy and instead will act more as a servant to the client. In fact, treating the client with respect and offering to talk only once the client is ready can help tremendously. An example of this would be the test drive; a typical test drive might be a two-minute drive up the road and through the nearest industrial estate. Whereas, some of the most successful supercar dealerships will go the extra mile for their clients, such as taking them for lunch during a test drive.

To be successful in this line of work, it is important to be knowledgeable about the cars being sold. Clients looking to purchase high-performance cars are almost certainly car enthusiast, which means they may know a thing or two about cars. To give incorrect facts to them would be detrimental in a sale. Going the extra mile, such as learning about the engine and various performance statistics can be very useful when it comes to selling a supercar.

Finding and Purchasing Used Cars – 5 Great Tips

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Used cars have a lower price tag and depreciate at a much lower rate than new cars. With used cars, you also potentially avoid paying taxes, DMV fees and other random fees associated with a new ride. If done properly, buying a new car will save you thousands and get you a highly reliable set of wheels. Here are 5 great tips guaranteed to help you find and purchase quality used cars in lakeland fl that will give you maximum value for your money.

1. Determine your budget.

Before taking any active steps analyze your savings and determine how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re thinking of taking a loan consider the monthly payments you’re willing to make. As a rule of thumb, if you’re thinking of applying for a car loan, your monthly payments should not be more than 20 percent of your monthly salary. Just as important is to determine how much you’re prepared to set aside as a monthly “emergency” fund to cover the costs of unexpected repairs. In short, do your financial homework and set a strict budget based on your monthly pay and stick with it.

2. Short list used car models based on your budget.

Start online shopping for used cars Lakeland FL, visiting dealerships, perusing through car magazines and even seeking recommendations from friends and family for a ride based on your budget. Have a list of “must-have” features for the car you want to have. Research the top brands and check out what previous owners had to say about used cars from different car makers. If you’re ready to make a one-time cash payment be a little flexible. Adding a few thousands on top of what you initially set aside might benefit you considerably in the long run. Once you’ve shortlisted a few cars that interest you and are within your financial range you can now move on to the third step.

3. Wait for the best time to buy.

Assuming you’re buying from a dealership, you can slash significant costs by choosing to wait and purchase at the “right” time. This can be during the holidays or near the end of a financial quarter. Many car salesmen in dealerships have targets they’re required to meet in order to make bonuses. As the end of the financial quarter approaches they’ll be more willing to compromise and you can get an attractive offer. Also consider the seasons. To get the best deal for a summer car consider buying it during the winter when the demand is very low and vice-versa. You can also consider visiting auctions during off-peak periods. Fewer bidders make it easier to spend significantly less on used cars.

4. Go through the car’s history report.

Assuming you’ve found the car of your dreams at a bargain price always ask for a detailed history of the car especially if you’re buying from a used cars lakeland fl dealership. It’s just as important to request for one if you’re also buying from a friend or a family member to avoid unnecessary conflicts in the future. The car’s history will help you be psychologically and financially prepared for the re-occurrence of any mishaps that have happened in the past no matter how rare. This will also help you avoid potential rip-offs. Two of the best sources for car history reports are Carfax and Autocheck. In most cases the license plate number will get you all the information you need. Sometimes a vehicle identification number will be required.

5. Arrange an inspection.

Most used cars Lakeland FL dealerships offer mechanically sound cars. However, to avoid getting a bad deal from unscrupulous dealers it is wise to bring your own mechanic to inspect the car before parting with your cash. A thorough inspection will reveal any hidden problems that might result in costly repairs in the future. This is a smart investment and a good way to save you money in the long haul. Don’t look for the cheapest inspection service around. A visual inspection is not enough. Look for a comprehensive one! If you’re not sure where to find quality inspection mechanics search the internet for used car Lakeland FL inspection mechanics. The most reputable own shops where they disassemble the car and closely examine all the vital parts. You’re paying top dollar. It’s important you don’t waste your money on a car that will eventually become a nightmare.

Tips for Buying Used Cars in Orlando

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For many people, buying used cars in Orlando just makes sense. The financing options are broad and most cars tend to wrack up the odometer miles without thinking twice about it, so the options and the availability of used cars make it seem like a no-brainer.

In fact, many intelligent car buyers will tell you that a quality used car can be just as good as a new one if you know what to look for and make sure to check it all out.

So, for those of you who would are ready to go out and look for your new ride and are considering dipping into the pre-owned end of the pool, here are some tips.  Following these will make the difference between a great new vehicle and a lemon.

1. Research is key

Used Cars Inspected in Orlando
Be sure to have the vehicle inspected

The most important part of your endeavor will be to do all of your research.  It is of paramount importance, particularly with used cars. With used cars Orlando, there are significantly more makes, models, and years available that narrowing your search by having a pretty good idea of what you want will save you both time and headache.

You will be able to save time by being able to tell salespeople or search query forms exactly what you are looking for, and also be able to determine what fits your budget before you ever start.

2. Look into the vehicle history

Any information you can gather about a vehicle’s history will tell you a lot about the shape the vehicle is in and whether or not you will have to be worried about additional problems down the line.

If you are purchasing from a dealer like Jarrett Gordon Ford – Used Cars Orlando, they can usually give you a detailed list of what they did or didn’t have to do to the vehicle to get it ready for you.  They will often also be able to give you a Car Fax report about the history of the car so you know how many owners the car has had or if it has been in any wrecks.

If you are buying from an individual, you can usually get the vin number of the vehicle and get your own Car Fax report to know more about the vehicle.

3. Consider the safety features

Orlando used cars interior points.
Consider the safety features for used cars in Orlando when buying.

Keep in mind that with older vehicles that some safety features are not available on them.  So take that into consideration when you are listing your “must have” items.

Things like regular airbags, side airbags, seat belts, and crumple zones some of the factors that may or may not be available. Knowing what you want will have an affect on what year, make and model you decide to go with.

4. It is imperative to be sure of a clear title and bill of sale

This is mostly of concern in private sales, but it can be a nightmare and a huge inconvenience if the paperwork isn’t legitimate. They will be very important to have for procuring insurance and license plates.

5. Vehicle inspection

Physical inspection of the Orlando used cars is critical.  If you aren’t purchasing from a reputable dealer that does a complete inspection then it is vital that you do a full inspection yourself, or have a mechanic do it for you.

Things like rust, smooth opening and locking doors, and how well a vehicle shifts are all things that need to be looked for and considered.

There are some really great dealerships out there like Jarrett Gordon Ford – Used Cars Orlando that do a really great job of all the ensuring that your next potential vehicle is safe and ready to go for you.  They can keep the process simpler and free of headaches for you.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a used vehicle, just take a little time to do the research and you will be setting yourself up for a fun adventure and great new car.

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Route 1

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It begins in Fort Kent, Maine and ends at Key West, Florida, a total of 2,390 miles, and is the most easterly continuous highway of the Federal Highway System – US Route 1.

US Route 1 was designated as a national highway in 1926, with parts renumbered from other routes, and is the most visually diverse highway in the country.

In less than 2,400 miles, a driver can go from below zero temperatures and snow, to cherry blossoms in Washington DC to swimming in 78-degree water in South Miami Beach to visiting Hemingway’s favorite hangouts in Key West.

If one were to drive continuously, they could make the trip in 34 hours. Imagine going from a freezing cold, windy Maine winter to a Florida Keys beach chair comfortably, while never leaving the ground!

It seems impossible to believe that a person can go from jeans, turtleneck shirt, winter coat, mittens and boots to a bathing suit in just a few hours, but air travel was created for just that reason.

Packing a bag to go to Florida from Maine in the winter means packing light; packing to go from Florida to Maine in January means just the opposite.

Who needs LL Bean boots when you live in Florida? You only need them if you are traveling by car, via US Route 1 and might want to sample the trails along the way north.

There are many opportunities along the way to get off onto some hiking trails and enjoys areas of the country that others ride by in the cars.

Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten trail and explore!

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